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BPA-Free Plastic for Drinking Water is Not the Same as Safe

I wasn’t sure what “RIGID PVC” meant other than the material was made out of PVC. PVC was good, right? I mean, the water that comes into many people’s homes travels through PVC pipes. Continue reading

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19 ways to taste Lockhart

It’s drizzling and bone-chilling cold for “Tastes Along the Trail”, but inside the shops taking part in the Lockhart walking merchant tour, welcomes are warm, shopping selections bountiful, and the multi-cultural tasty treats lip-smacking good. Continue reading

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It’s a great day for the dead in Lockhart, Texas

Some build altars to pray, some visit gravesites, and others come together at the center of town for a festival of sounds, sights and street food…a day many of the living in Lockhart like to spend remembering and celebrating their departed loved ones. Continue reading

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