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Green Buttermilk Dressing

You’ve heard tell that cigarette marketers would refer to a stick of tobacco as a “nicotine delivery device”? Based on my boyfriend’s habit of slathering the tossed salad with this dressing, I would have to say the salad is a … Continue reading

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Cucumber Yogurt Salad

You’ll find just about as many recipes for this cucumber salad call for sour cream as they do yogurt. I say go for yogurt. It’s just as creamy and rich and on the sour side but healthier for the gut with its good intestinal bacteria. Continue reading

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Olé gazpacho

Tomatoes rule in the summer. They’re versatile, juicy, refreshing, and really dress up a meal. I’d like to share a cold tomato soup given to me by a friend of a friend to which I’ve made a couple modifications. Continue reading

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