Where’s the fenugreek?

I’ve run across the spice fenugreek from time to time in recipes.  I just pretend it isn’t there, or add some other spice I think sounds good. Why? I can’t find it–at least not locally.

I took up the search again when I decided to prepare the Tandoori Chicken recipe (see  Tale of the modified Tandoori  post 6/19). No luck.  A clerk today told me, no, sorry, they don’t carry fenugreek as a spice, but they do sell it as a supplement.

“A supplement?” I asked.

“Yes. The fenugreek supplement is for breast-feeding moms.  It helps them produce more milk,” she responded.

“I’ll pass on the supplement, ” said. ” I’m not lactating.”

“Did you try the bulk spice aisle at the supermarket?” she countered

“No, ” I said, getting optomistic again. “I didn’t realize they had a bulk organic spice section.”

Sure enough, there was my precious fenugreek. I opened the glass jar and took a whiff. It was slightly sweet, like curry, but with a more subtle complex aroma. I spooned the tiny light brown kernels into a plastic baggie and gleefully paid for it and left the store. I don’t have any plans yet for this fenugreek, but I’m sure gonna work on it.

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