Oh, watermelon

Oh, watermelon
bite into so wet sweetness
How you cool, delight

What fruit better deserves to be the subject of a haiku?

I have rediscovered watermelon. I don’t know why I stayed away so long. It is luscious in its wetness, sweetness, red and greenness. It’s such an amazing fruit. So huge it takes a week or more to finish, and for $6 to $8. Watermelon is my appetizer, my desert, my snack. I picked one up at the farmer’s market. Grown local. Mmmmm. Much sweeter than the one I tried the week before from the supermarket.

The problem is it’s just so darn bulky and messy to refrigerate after you slice into it. If you can fit it at all in the frig, how do you best keep the juices from running all over the place? If you slice it in half, you’re exposing so much of the flesh that it spoils quicker… and I don’t want any to go to waste.

I saw an interesting salad calling for tomatoes and watermelon on Andrew Weil’s site. It’s on my to do list.

It’s a hoot that I actually live in the watermelon capital of the world. We have a Watermelon Thump coming up this week. This festival has music, food vendors and primo melons,and Miss Watermelon Thump will be crowned. Then there’s a sporting event that probably got its inspiration from the shot put or javelin: the seed spitting contest. I watched the contest some year’s back. You just wouldn’t think you could spit a seed that far.



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