Magic tomato plants: The sequel

It’s been about 3 weeks and I promised to report back on the “magic” tomato plants growing around my open compost heap. I’m happy to say they are doing very well and are bearing sweet red cherry tomatoes. My boyfriend has dubbed them Trash Bin Tomatoes.

In our very hot and dry climate and proliferation of grasshoppers, it’s a double miracle that these little juicy balls made it at all.

In contrast, my Black Russians, which I bought as small plants, have not fared well. They couldn’t take the heat and the grasshoppers have been having a feast munching on the leaves. (I thought grasshoppers didn’t particularly care for tomato plants…something about the acidic taste of the leaves).

I moved one pot of the Russians to a shady area near the compost heap, several weeks ago, to see if it would take off. It didn’t. In fact the leaves are withered and thinning. It’s a rather puny plant. I think I’ll chop it up and feed it to the compost heap. Maybe next summer I’ll have magic Black Russians…

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