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When you produce something good, you’re proud to claim it as yours. That’s just what Luke Brown of Pecos Texas did when he put stickers on his watermelons and sent them to market.

I was cutting a slice of a seedless melon the other day when my knife came in contact with that sticker. Luke’s photograph was on that sticker, along with his name, city, and state, email address and the words” Comments Welcome”.

That was one good watermelon. Juicy and with a natural sweetness that Mother Nature can only produce. It felt kind of special to be eating produce slapped with the grower’s mug shot and info on it.
Real personal. I don’t recall ever seeing that on a piece of fruit.

I took up Luke’s offer and sent him an email. I told Luke how delicious his watermelon was…one of the best I’d ever eaten. I also told him how it made things personal, you know…knowing who the grower was… and how I appreciated being able to write him about it.

Luke wrote back promptly to thank me and to let me know his watermelons go immediately from the patch into the frig. I look forward to slicing into my next Luke Brown watermelon.

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