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Today was the maiden voyage of my new juicer. I was going to say my new high speed juicer, but it’s not. The selling point of this appliance, which excels at extracting juice from everything from green leafy vegetables to dense pulpy fruits, is that it is low speed. While more power is the common mantra and bigger is considered way better, my Omega Vert is proud to take it slow and easy, all the better to leave the active enzymes intact for longer, and make for healthier, higher yields and nutrient packed juice; At least that’s what the sales literature and the health blogs say, and I’d like to believe it’s true.

The Omega came at a really opportune time. My garden is producing lots of kale and swiss chard and I’m mentally ready to kick off a summer juicing regimen that will get me to eat more vegetables, with the added bonus of keeping me from turning on my stove less often. The plan is to substitute juice for one meal each day. I think it’s going to be lunch.

So I started off feeding my Omega spears of my home grown dinosaur kale and big leafy chard, and added to that a green apple, carrots, a small piece of lime, a bit of orange and a half a mango. A stream of dark green juice streamed out of one spout of my machine while a thick multi-colored pulp eased out of the other. A taste test of the juicy nectar revealed it was good. Real good.

There’s no hard and fast recipe to post here. The fun of juicing is experimenting and using what you have in your frig. But the basics to stock are chard, kale, cucumbers, carrots, limes, lemons, and apples.

I’ll get back later and let you know how it’s going.



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